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Brand Buzz: Ollie|S|Out

Design and Scandinavia go hand in hand, but why should that privilige only extend to adults? Procrastinating the night away by working my way through an entire Pinterest catalogue of design ideas, I stumbled acrcoss Ollie|s|Out, a new Danish baby and children Interior Design brand.

Founded and designed by Sarah Simone Jørgensen in 2015, the brand and it’s aesthetics is rooted in it’s Scandinavian heritage. Streamlined, timeless and subtle, unisex design, naturials materials such as wood, leather and metal, clean lines that exude calmth, every detail is the sheer embodiment of Scandinavian design. Created by a mum for other mums, it’s obvious that when it comes to Ollie|s|Out, there’s more than meets the eye. But it’s so easy on the eyes…







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