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Taking my summer love into Autumn…

Aaaaaah Summer ’16. The summer that lasted an entire week, where at least half of my summer wardrobe did not even make it out of the closest due to a chronic lack of decent weather, and even more of my make remained unused. But above all, the summer of 16 will always be fondly remembered as the summer that I finally took the sartorial plunge. For years *I’m not kidding, I really do mean years…* I’ve been lusting, oooohing and aaahing over these long, swishy, sometimes pleated, sometimes blush coloured and always elegant long skirts, but for some reason I was always hesistant to actually buy one. Too tall, not exactly a single size figure, too much this, too little that, there was always something about my physical appearance that crossed my mind, clouded my thoughts and kept me from going for it! Well, not this year! I went for it, bought not one but two, and fell head over heels in love with long skirts! And now that summer is closing in on us, I am not yet ready to let go of them, to pack them up and keep them safe till next summer. Pinterest to the rescue for a splash of fashion inspiration and ideas on how to transition this new love of mine into the next season. And who better that style goddess Olivia Palermo to lead the way?! A splash of breton stripes, a touch of denim, the soft touch of cashmere and the penultimate classic, a white button down and I’ll be swishing my long skirts for months to come! Pinspiration galore.









Thanks Pinterest for the images!

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