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Single Swipe Sweeties

See what I did there? A little alliteration to get the weekend started… Anyone else that gets overly excited about word puns and language trickeries? No? Just me? Anyway, the weekend is almost upon us, and while theoretically it’s stills summer, that Autumn weather outside has me thinking otherwise. As a result, I’ve been slowly easing back into wearing a bit more make up than my 3 product look I’ve been rocking these last few months, and these Dior single eyeshadows have been just the ticket!

LLS Dior 5

Single swipe / easy application eyeshadows are my favourite, during the week I just don’t have the time to layer different shades into a complete dramatic look *those 10 minutes extra in bed make a world of difference!*, and during the weekends I tend to go for even less make up. Parties and nights out are a rare occasion, so all my palettes are being severly neglected at the moment. These two Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow beauties on the other hand, are getting a lot of airplay!

The golden hue of 530 Gallery and the cool toned grey taupe of 554 Minimalism have proven quite versatile, working with a number of looks and moods. I prefer a light, single swipe to a heavy handed application, and by doing so, Gallery gives this beautiful delicate glow that makes you look far more awake than you really are *double win*. Minimalism is a bit more forefront and visible, a taupe can never do anything wrong for me, and this one is no different.

LLS Dior 7

LLS Dior 1

LLS Dior 4

LLS Dior 2

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  2. I love a good alliteration! I’ve never been a big Dior e/s fan, but I’ve never tried the mono’s… They do look very nice!

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