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Press days usually are an overflow of images and info, with one brand flowing into the next, and after a few days, everything you saw becomes a blur from which only a select few pieces or brands stand out. Case in point: STERNUM. A little Instagram post swiftly became the highlight of the latest press days, and if you have a quick look, you’ll fall in love as well.

Sleek, minimalistic, geometrical and timeless, this type of jewellery floats my boat far more than any bling ever will. Sure, an over-the-top costume piece looks great against a crisp white button down, but on me, I’d usually looks like the necklace is wearing me (so not a good look!)… Less is definitely more, and Sophie Peelman, aka STERNUM, sure got that memo! Geometrical and primary shapes galore, these pieces have an intricate delicacy and understeted elegance that works with everything in ly closet, and even better, the prices (ranging from € 37 to €48) also work perfectly with my wallet… Love at first sight!

Available at  AMPERSAND (Ghent) // THELMA COFFEE AND DESIGN (Leuven) // BRUT (Aarschot) // ST VINCENTS (Antwerp)
Full collection available via







  1. So nice! I really need to go check out Ampersand, they also sell O My Bag ❤️

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