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Summer holiday make up (or lack thereof…)

The sun has been out and about in all of it’s crowning glory these last few weeks, and whenever that happens, my make up cravings completely dissolve into sweet nothingness. even the slightest hint of eyeshadow becomes too much to bear. Keeping that in mind, I challenged myself to pack only the bare minimum of make up for our summer trip, only allowing myself to take with that which I knew I would surely use. Turns out, I use extremely little make up on holiday (skincare on the other hand is quite a different story…). Here’s what travelled to France with me. Little clue: it’s not much….

Turns out, the bare minimum reallty is the bare minimum, because I ended up taking only three make up items with me. Not taking my mascara with me was a no go, so the Sisley So Curl Mascara got grabbed quicker than Imelda Marcos and a new pair of Louboutins. A deep, intense black colour, lashes that are instantly curled, thickened and lifted, it’s my flash wake-up trick every morning (or come hither eyes at night, but shhhh…). The next one to make the cut was Givenchy Khôl Couture Waterproof Eyeliner in Chestnut, a deep brown smudgy shade with a slight bronzed hint, which works perfectly with my blue-grey eyes, and without being too harsh or outspoken. Lastly I packed the Sisley Phyto Eye Twist in Pearl, a sandy-champagne shade so gentle and soft that, when applied lightly, your eyes look bright and brilliant without the eyeshadow showing. Double win in my books! Remember this Instagram? That’s pretty much my entire holiday look, minus the lipstick.

Beauty addict? Me? Apparently only in Spring, Autumn and Winter.

LLS Look 1

LLS Look 3

LLS Look 5

LLS Look 2


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