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Packing Strategies

Packing for four is not quite the same as packing for 2, the equasion of double the people, double the amount of stuff simply does not work. After two years and several holidays with our little family of four, I’ve developed a few packing strategies along the way that have made the whole proces easier and less stressfull.

Strategy #1: Multifunctional products
One soap that works for all 4 of us, an after sun that is rich enough to double as a body cream, one eyepalette that can create a myriad of looks and bronzer that can work as a powder, a bronzer or a blush… you get the gist, it’s all about products that have more than one function. Less products = more space

Strategy #2: Mini’s for Mum’s skincare
Mini’s can have a maxi impact on the size of my make up bag, especially when it comes to the skincare I want to take along for just myself. A lot of websites let you choose a few samples when you place an order with them, so instead of lugging around full sizes, I tend to be smart about which samples I choose in the months before a holiday, so that I have my every skincare need catered to, without having to carry full sizes with me.

Strategy #3: Decide what needs to go with from home and what can be bought there.
Even when you’re driving instead of flying, you can’t just pack anything and everything. Nappies, food, certain toiletries and so much more can easily be bought a local supermarket instead of having to haul a full U-truck to the South of France.

Strategy #4: Basics and a bit of laundry detergent go a long way.
That multicolour printed to might look gorgeous on you, but unless you can combine it with several other pieces and get at least two or three different outfits out of it, too bad but it ain’t coming along! A pair of gorgeous, chic flats trumps 5 pairs of heels each time I go on a family holiday, as I can work it with some denim cut offs, a flirty skirt and that date night dress.

Strategy #5 Relax (and a pre-departure checklist)
This probably is the biggest one, and the hardest lesson for me to learn. Relax! It’s a holiday, it’s quality time with friends, family or loved ones. A pre-departure checklist on my Wunderlist is imperative the day before we leave, but even so, stressing will only make things worse. So take a deep breath, relax, smile and think about the holiday ahead.

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