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Thank you Nivea for making beach days easier with my kids!

Life’s a beach! Or how I would love it to be so! I love the beach, Mr B loves the beach, and to say that the kids love the beach, well that’s a bit of an understatement! However, the protective side of a day at the beach, yeah, they’re not so keen on that. You know that mum that is always running across the sand, trying to catch her kids, shouting “Get back here, you need more sunscreen!” That’s me! And those kids making a run for it, not wanting to be covered in sticky, white goo? You guessed it, my two rugrats.

LLS Nivea Sun 5

Turns out, Nivea has me covered. Anything that glides on like one, two, three makes my kids happy. and when the kids are happy, the parents have it a lot easier as well. The iconic blue bottles of Nivea sunscreenhave been a constant presence on almost each and every holiday I’ve ever been on in my life, and this summer, they have tweaked and improved their offerings a bit. First up, the Nivea Sun Kids Hydrating Roll On SPF 50. Good things come in small packages, or so they say, and in this case, it is true. Fun on the in- and outside, the roll on top makes for a quick and super easy application. My 5 year old loves doing it himself, and my 2 year old is protected before she can wriggle out of my arms! Panthenol will keep their precious skin hydrated until bath time. It is maketed as being water resistantt, but I never really take that for granted, and just reapply sunscreen each time they get out of the water.

Small packages + a lot of applications = a sunscreen that doesn’t last an entire vacation, so by the time the Roll On SPF 50 is empty, we go from mini to maxi and pull out the Nivea Sun Kids Hydrating Sun Spray. Same hydrating formula, different bottle. Or as my kids call it, the sunscreen water-gun. Again, fun for the kids, so easier for mum to keep them protected. Summer, we are ready for you! All you have to do now is hold up your end of the bargain and give us some sun!

LLS Nivea Sun 1

LLS Nivea Sun 2

LLS Nivea Sun 3


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