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When a BB Cream meets an SPF… A little love story


Once upon a time… well, we all know how the story goes. Boy meets girl, girl has amazing skin, boy falls head over heels and off they go, setting off into the sunset. And behind the scenes of the fairy tale, if the girl doesn’t  have perfect skin, it’ll easily be faked with a touch of BB cream. If on the other hand, our fair lady is gifted with the most perfect porcelain skin possible, a good SPF will most probably be her weapon of choice.

But when you need both the SPF and the coverage, things become trickier. A good SPF that doesn’t turn your face into a grease fest is already hard to find, A good SPF that also adds a touch of coverage and doubles as a moisturizer, well that’s just ‘a fairytale’! Enter my personal Prince Charming, Sisley’s Super Soin Solaire Facial  Tinted Sun Care SPF 30 !
A sun care treatment that promises to protect the skin from the effects of photo-aging such as wrinkles, brown spots, dehydration and loss of firmness, combined with a full on hydration and a smoothing, glow inducing BB cream. Sounds too good to be true, right? What better way to try a new sun protection than when the sun comes out to play?

On the forefront, UVA and UVB filters and a little sneaky Edelweiss extract protect my skin on a cellular level. At the same time, Camellia oil, shea butter and mango extracts keep my skin going on a deeper level by keeping the suppleness and moisture up to par. Lastly, the cammellia oil and edelweiss extract will also strengthen the skin from the inside, both by fighting off those pesky free radicals and act as a gatekeeper of my skin’s outer barriers.Till there the science, now back to the fairytale.

Available in 4 shades (Porcelain, Natural, Golden and Amber), Natural turns out to be a perfect match form y not-so-pale-but not-tanned-either rosy cheeks. A few small dollops will do, I’ve learned from experience that is better to start with a little and add where necessary, as the cream not only applies very easily, but also adds enough coverage, so it is easy to go overboard. That being said though, when I apply it correctly, the results are quite frankly stunning. The perfect medium coverage and healthy glow that are only rivalled by my Givenchy Beauty Balm, an instant boost of moisture that is felt even hours after applying the SPF (nothing worse than dry, rough and itchy skin at 11 am…) and the necessary UVA and UVB protection my face craves. I’ve been wearing the Super Soin Solaire Facial Tinted Sun Care for a few weeks now, and somehow, my skin has gotten better and better. No other bases or powders are needed, and even when I take it off at night, I can see a clear difference in radiance, suppleness and all over condition. It’s worth every single penny, but unfortunately, as almost always with Sisly, it costs a lot of pennies…Looks like I’ve found my summer partner-in-crime!

Super Soin Solaire Facial Tinted Sun Care SPF30 – 60 ml
Available via Sisley’s websites and Sisley’s selling points.
€115 / £103 / $170

LLS Sisley Soins Solaires 1

LLS Sisley Soins Solaires 7

LLS Sisley Soins Solaires 3

LLS Sisley Soins Solaires 5


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