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Givenchy La Révélation – A Pastel Dream

Divine and angelic may not be the first words that come to mind when I have to describe myself, but thanks to Givenchy’s latest Spring/Summer collection, all that is about to change! Givenchy La Révélation (The Revelation) hit my desk a few months ago, and a skip and a hop (and several test looks) down the road, I am ready to let you know how angelical (or devilish) my thoughts on the pieces are.

LLS Givenchy Spring 3

Celebrating an ethereal and celestial beauty was on the forefront of Nicolas Degennes’ mind when he created this collection. Pastel shades saturate the line up of products, the pinks and peaches oozing with softness and promising to light up your face with one touch. Showstopper of the collection, as usual with Givenchy, is the Poudre Lumière Originelle*. Described as an illuminating powder with a matte effect, this might be the one powder many of us have been chasing for years. The pastel pink formula lights up your face, giving it that very ethereal, natural glow from inside with no sparkles, frostiness or shimmers that can be spotted a mile away. The texture is as airy as the colours, and seamlessly melts away into my skin, without being patchy or overly obvious. It comes in one universal shade that is supposed to flatter each and every skin tone, but for my slightly cooler, pink-toned skin, it works like a charm! The powder does take some getting used to, it’s not really a highlighter because it doesn’t have that obvious effect, but at the same time it’s not completely mattifying because it gives you that subdued, lit-from within glow of healthiness. Lastly, that lace pattern, straight from the Haute Couture collections, is the cherry on top of all that prettiness.

LLS Givenchy Spring 1

Softness on the cheeks can only be complemented by softness on the lids, and the Givenchy Ombre Couture eyeshadow singles in Bleu Céleste and Jaune Aurora deliver just that. Jaune Aurora’s gentle cirus yellow and Bleu Céléste’s heavenly light blue give that gentle veil that makes you dream about the blue skies and yellow fields of summer that is round the corner. A few layers intensify the colour, making your eyes pop like a beautiful daffodil or a clear afternoon sky.

Givenchy, je t’adore!

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  1. I’m not a pastel lover, Spring collections rarely excite me, but this.. That powder is beautiful! And that blue little pot looks intriguing. Well done, Givenchy.

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