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Sanctuary Spa Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil

You know those times when you spent ages doubting the purchase of a certain products, countless times you hold it in your hands but always put it back, but when you then finally give and after the first use you wonder why you ever doubted buying it in the first place? Yes yes, I can see it, you know exactly what I mean!

Allow me to take you back with me to my last trip to London earlier this year, and more specifically to my last moments in that glorious city, sauntering around the aisles of Boots at St Pancras station, awaiting the departure of our Eurostar back home. Once more I held that bottle of Sanctuary Spa’s Therapist Secret Facial Oil in my hands, and instead of putting it back like I had done a dozen times before, I bought it and took it home with me. Fast forward a few months, and I am rapidly approaching the end of my bottle (and bitterly regretting not having bought several bottles).

LLS Sanctuary 1

Sanctuary Spa is one of those iconic spas and brands that exist on that on that frontier of budget friendly yet extremely effective. Created by a husband for his wife, a ballerina, he wanted to create a space where she and her friends could totally relax, body, mind and soul. A successful spa led to an even more successfull product range, with the Sanctuary Spa Therapist Secret Facial Oil  as it’s star player.

Like superfood for your skin, the formula consists of a blend pure essential oils of rosehip, sunflower, jojoba, wheatgerm, frankincense and rose. It’s golden yellow colour is almost like a premises of goodness to come, a few drops suffice to perk my skin up in the morning or delight my mood during an evening facial massage routine. Nourishment and moisturising capaities a-plenty, you’d expect the oil to be really greasy to the touch, and to take a while to sink in, but on the contrary, it gives just enough oomph to boost my skin without any slipperniness or a grease fest. Just as my personal favourite, the Pai Rosehip Oil, this face oil will mainly bring back your glow and nourishment, leaving you with that dewy-fresh glow that makes you look 5 years younger. I follow it up with an anti-ageing day cream and an SPF 50 in the morning, and combine with a repair-focused night cream or a rich face mask at night, so that my skin gets all it craves. Good for your skin and good for your budget, what’s not to like?

Sanctuary Spa Therapist Secret Facial Oil – £17,50

LLS Sanctuary 3

LLS Sanctuary 7

LLS Sanctuary 8

LLS Sanctuary 5


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