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5 Things

It’s been a while since I last did one of these 5 Things articles, giving you a peek inside my head and try to decipher the constant internal rambling that goes on in there. Beauty, fashion, interior design, work planning, kids wardrobes, that’s only a fraction of what rushed through my mind any given day these last few weeks, so how about we dive straight in?

Everyone that knows me personally, knows that I work for a green and renewable energy company, so when fashions meets sustainabilty, I am all ears! Marks and Spencer brought their Clothes Exchange to Belgium this week, and I was bopping around like a kid on Christmas Eve, giddy with excitement. For each donation of used clothes and 30 euo purchase, you get a 5 euro voucher. Out with the old, in with the new, extra budget for a next shopping trip and putting in your 2 cents for Mother Nature, what’s not to like?!

Looking online for decoration inspiration for my future kitchen remains one of my favourite pastimes, and when I stumbled across this kitchen set up , I inmediately started doodling little drawings of how I’d want to incorporate the black and white theme and clever double use of the shelving in my on kitchen. Mr B is not going to like the sounds of this….

Belgium might not be that big on the global blogging map, but food and culture is something we know how to do better than most other countries! This hasn’t gone unnoticed with the people of San Pellegrino, who’s new Itineraries of Taste app let’s you discover the amazing flavours of my country, one tale at a time! Be sure to check the story about Margritte and his apples! I’m addicted, and seeing my own country through a whole new set of glasses (or should I say dishes!)

Kisses sweeter than wine… Burberry recently launched their latest lipstick offering, the Burberry Full Kisses Lipsticks, and boy, are my lips screaming to try them on. Beautiful bullet casings that hold a highly pigmented colour which not only smoothes, but also hydrates and plumps… I can hear  Military Red calling my name! Where’s that credit card?

My friends… my life would be pretty boring and useless without them. They are my rocks, my support system, my soundboard and my best way of relaxing. Not a day goes by without staying in touch via our WhatsApp groups, and the WhatsApp convos have swiftly become the lifeline of our friendships. The good, the bad, the ugly, everything gets shared, and if anything, WhatsApp has become friendship gold!

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  1. It’s the strangest thing: Military Red is calling my name as well! And Oxford, and Dewberry and so on….
    Great post!

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