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Brass gold floats my bathroom boat

It’s funny how one’s taste can change over the years. 5 years ago, you couldn’t get me to like or wear gold even if you forced or bribed me to, and now, it’s slowly but surely creeping in. True, I still only like it in a matte or slightly antique, somewhat burnished hue, but it’s starting to pop up in the form of a cuff on my arm, or a little tray around the house. Lately however I’ve been loving how it seems to spice up my beloved white and marble combination, especially in the bathroom. A brass golden tap or sink lightens up an entire bathroom, however, let’s just keep it at that one golden touch, the Versailles look is a deco no-go for me…







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  1. Oh my, gorgeous! It works perfectly with marble, if I were a rich girl…

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