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Susanne Kaufmann Hair Care

I’ve been unfaithful…. After promising myself last year to use mainly (and preferably only) organic hair and skincare, as I noticed firsthand what an amazing effect it had on my skin and hair, I slacked, big time. And I have the (terribly poor) results to show for it. Botchy skin and haystack hair is my current look *not so pretty in the morning…* Back to nature, literally! Time to draw up an action plan and get my butt into gear (lazy person here!!). I threw out all the lab made, semi industrial shampoo’s (ie I let my husband finish them… ) and binned all of the conditioners and masks with an ingredient list that has me going “no no”, instead of “go go”. What remained? Very very little, I must admit…

I dove into my still to try-stash, and went looking for the Susanne Kaufmann duo I knew I still had to try. Susanne Kaufmann is a no nonsene, all natural brand that I tried and loved before (see here),  so when I rediscovered the Susanne Kaufmann Shampoo Repair and the  Conditioner Repair, my hair sighed a sigh of relief. The tage line of the shampoo says that it “cares for and repairs intensely stressed and dyed hair“, and if there was ever a way to describe my tresses, intensely stressed and dyed sure fits that bill. Trigonellin from fenugreek and plant-based keratin from wheat germ are the two main actors to infuse some strenght back into my strands, wile the silk amino acids mp up the moisture. The conditioner works along the same lines with the same ingredients, with the added Biotin also preventing hair breakage.

First thing I notice is that this shampoo doesn’t lather… at all.. Always a good sign when it comes to hair products. The formula is remarkably thinner and runnier than other shampoo’s, so it’s a bit tricky to get the perfect dose, but once I’d mastered that perfect squeeze, it’s easy application and soft scent won me over. The shampoo alone strengthens my hair noticeably, but it doesn’t really soften it, so the shampoo – conditioner combination is needed to keep it from feeling coarse and knotty. When paired together, my tresses feel lighter, airier and softer, and after a good while of consistent use, I can actually see the improvement in bounce and resilience. My hair’s not where I want it to be just yet, but we’re heading there…

LLS Susanne Kaufman 1

LLS Susanne Kaufman 3LLS Susanne Kaufman 5

LLS Susanne Kaufman 2


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