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Amsterdam (and a shameless bit of self plugging)

LeenLovesStyle is not in the office today! I’m in Amsterdam for a day of press presentations, long awaited catching up with sweet friends, some delicious food and a quick spot of shopping (when in Rome… ) If you want to know what I’m up to, get sneak peeks of the newest collections and just see what I’m up to all day, keep an eye on my Instagram account or add me on Snapchat (@leenlovesstyle ;)). If you have any recommendations on food, a great coffee place or shopping in Amsterdam, I’d love to read them!

Lots of love from Amsterdam!!


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  2. Oh, good times! Have a lovely day in Amsterdam, I wish I had recommendations but all I can think of this early is De Bijenkorf and Waterstones and surely these are not new to you…
    Can’t wait for the insta’s and snaps, bring ’em!

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