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Marmalade Sky

Instagram is swoon worthy, time consuming and oh so addictive, but above all, it is a true treasure trove for discovering new brands. Case in point: Marmalade Sky! I recently stumbled across this kids fashion brand while scrolling through my Instagram feed one lunch break, and the Milk Print Skinny Leg Harem pants kept my index finger hanging mid air, my breath gasping and my eyes glistening with excitement! I needed to know more, and I needed to know asap! A quick study session later taught me that Marmalade Sky is the result of a cool mum’s creativity and keen eye for design!

Keen but unable to find cool, quirky but above all gender neutral clothes for her son, womenswear designer Sarah Ives took matters into her own hands (I love a mum like that!) and started creating her own pieces for him. Not content with just designing the pieces, she went a step further and printed her own fabric as well. Stylish babies always get noticed by fellow mums, and soon one thing led to another and Marmalade Sky was born as a little but gorgeously stocked Etsy shop. I can already picture Little Miss C buzzing around in those bumblebee leggings!




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