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Wishlist Wednesday – Leather Wrap Skirt

I was doing a spot of online window shopping, as you do, and stumbled across this precious! Slam, bam, flash in the pan, and it shooted straight to the top of my Spring / Summer Wishlist *yes that is a real thing:-)* The Marks & Spencer Autograph Leather Wrap Skirt, dark green and mysterious, is beckoning me, beguiling me, reeling me in big time! I must admit to having a soft spot for dark leather pieces, and this piece is no different! A welcome addition to my closet, standing out from my black pencil skirts thanks to it’s forest green shade, asymmetric hemline and slight swishy cut. The split gives it that slither of sexy that I am looking for, and an endless stream of combination possibilities is already taking over my mind!  My beautiful Leather Wrap Skirt, I am ready to wrap myself in you!




  1. pollytyrie says

    Love a leather skirt. This one is universally flattering. How or what would you wear on top?

    • Thank you very much!
      You could go for a classic and elegant look by pairing it with a crisp white slim fit button down or a not to oversized silk blouse. If you want to go for a little more girly look, why not wear it with a boat neck or off the shoulder shirt? And on Saturdays, why not a looser fit v-neck t-shirt tucked in? It’s all about balancing out proportions, so I would always go for a finer knit or texture on top, both in feel and volume, so that the skirt can be the voluminous part of the outfit. But that’s just my opinion 🙂

    • Thanks babe! I have my eyes set on it and can’t wait for it to hit the shops early February!

      • And a trip to M&S is always fun, don’t forget the food hall ☺

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