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Winter essentials – Body Care

Even tough temperatures aren’t as winter-y as they should be, I’m still indulging in a winter routine as if the outside temperatures are below arctic levels. It may not be freezing, but somehow my skin seems to think it does, and has turned into large sheets of sandpaper *winter skin alert*. Time to bust out the anti-winter guns!

Nothing beats the winter blues like a good shower (not too long, not too hot unfortunately…), and when you say shower, you say Nivea! Like a big, fluffy, comforting hug made of soap, the Nivea Care & Cocoa is sheer indulgence for my skin (without the fancy price tag). A pure shot of shea butter, with a soft, subtile scent to match. Under the motto: “If it’s good enough for my children, it’s definitely good for me!” the Uriage Cleansing Protection Oil is a relatively new addition to the shower shelf, but one with an impact. One of the few products that works for both mine and Little Miss C’s diva skin, this one got bumped to front row status real quick. Gentle, soft, soothing and hydrating at the same time, this blue tube and the Avène XeraCalm Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil are two chips off the same block. Cleansing Oils and thicker textures always work a charm on my coarse, elephant-like winter skin, and the Organique Shea Butter Salt Peeling combines the best of those two worlds. Unlike most body scrubs, that leave my limbs dried out, itchy and in dire need of a body cream follow up, this combination of salt crystals, coconut oil, soy bean oil and shea butter scrubs and treats at the same time. And as if I need another reason to whip this one out every shower, the formula even accelerates the burning of that unwanted fat on those hips and my belly (living the good life, not without it’s cost so it seems…). They see me coming, they see me scrubbing…

LLS Winter helpers 2

LLS Winter helpers 3

LLS Winter helpers 1

LLS Winter helpers 3


  1. mylifeasishan says

    This post was very insightful… Defo have to pick up a few of these products

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