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5 Things – Weekend reads

Nothing more relaxing during the weekend than catching up on your favourite reads. My cosy little corner of the sofa, the softest blanket ever (Scapa Home, if you’re interested), a steaming hot cuppa and my iPad, how perfect can it get? During the week, I tend to diagonally read whatever takes my fancy (oh I’m superficial like that), and I’ll bookmark the interesting ones for a more thorough (*notepad at the ready to write down ideas*) read later on. What have I got bookmarked to get me inspired this weekend? Here we go!

All too familiar with the struggles of being a career mom and the work-life balance, Zanita’s post makes me feel like I am not alone in this rat race.  Add in Camilla’s tips on how to organise my current chaos of a life, and I might whip my organizing skills into shape!
Vivianna has got me wanting to try the capsule wardrobe experiment myself, and maybe add in a killer pair of flats! Oh, and how delicious does that Korean BBQ Steak Bowl with Spicy Sesame Dressing look?!

Happy Saturday!

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