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Filorga Hand Absolute Ultimate Rejuvenating Hand & Nail Cream

More than often neglected in the fight against those first signs of ageing, wrinkled and vein-y hands form a stark contrast against a dewy, fresh and youthful appearance. Part of the masking game that is the anti-ageing routine (let’s be honest, no one wants to show their true age), our hands are as much in need of TLC as our face does. Madonna, dear Madonna, you can have all the botox you want, but veiny, blue streaked hands and thinner skin, covered in pigmentation only makes matters worse.

Filorga, nestled deep in both the heart of anti ageing cosmetics and my bathroom (just do a little search on LLS, my love for the brand will be apparent), decided to tackle this hands-on (yes, pun intended), and developed the Filorga Hand Absolute Ultimate Rejuvenating Hand & Nail Cream. As always with Filorga, they want to go for a double whammy, targeting the the aging tell-tales, and giving our hands a younger, fresher and smoother appearance in no time. No expenses were spared, so the formulation behind this cream reads like a Neal Stephenson novel.

LLS Filorga Hand 3

First up, a duo of butters (cocoa and shea) nourish deeply, and sweet almond oil keeps it supple. Then the hydrating sugars and plant extracts take over, keeping the epidermis moisturized, while hyaluronic acid (hello dear old friend) plumps up what needs a bit of boosting. Glycerine, isoparaffin and dimethicone keep your hands feeling silky smooth, even after washing them. Lastly, rare sea-lily extract is said to hinder the melanin production, inhibiting pigmentation and the formations of freckles, and over time, skin is supposed to fill out and veins are to become less apparent. However as the skin tone on my hands is still very even and firm, I cannot test these claims. What I can vouch for is the smoothness and softness this cream creates. Ever since having received this, this black tube of hand magicalness has been on high rotation, going everywhere with me (just check my Instagram). My biggest pet peeves with hand creams are those that do not sink in quickly enough, or leave a residu of sorts, and this one does neither, I am happy to report. Even my finger nails seem to be profiting from my daily applications!

Black is black, but Filorga does it better!

Filorga Hand Absolute Ultimate Rejuvenating Hand & Nail Cream – €19,90 / £20 / US $ 58.95

LLS Filotga Hand 1

LLS Filorga Hand 4

LLS Filorga Hand 1

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