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Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles

Snow and a winter wonderland seem to be inspiring more than one Christmas Make Up Collection. After Givenchy’s Les Nuances Glacées, Guerlain also draws inspiration from gistening snowflakes twirling the night air, revealing an icy beauty. The Winter Fairy Tale Holiday 2015 Collection (Neiges et Merveilles) focuses on taking your skin fom dull to radiant, for that much desired lit-from-within glow. I got to play with some of the products from the collection, and well, let’s  just say I’ve got my Christmas Eve base covered!

LLS Guerlain 1

After a touch up with what is still my favourite foundation, the Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Enchanté Skin-Perfecting Illuminating Matte Powder comes out to play. As contradictory as Illuminating Matte Powder might sound, this angelic white powder is billed as the perfect complexion in a compact. Resplendent in it’s weighty, shining silver enamel re-fillable compact, this  translucent matte white soft-focus pressed-powder blurs out fine lines and imperfections, so that no mater how heavy that Chistmas dinner, you’ll face will never show!

LLS Guerlain 2

Seen that porcelain isn’t exactly my colour, a soft touch of Guerlain’s famous Terracotta Bronzing Powder 03 Brunettes warms up my cheeks like only Guerlain can! Encased in a limited edition removable iridescent white sleeve; it contains Guerlain’s most popular bronzing colour for this Yuletide season!

LLS Guerlain 5

Winter-wonderland white is not exactly what springs to mind when thinking about a lip look to mach the Christmas Tree, but the Maxi Shine Gloss d’Enfer Reflet Etoilés might tempt me othewise. What looks like a snow storm of glitters in the tube is actually a soft, subtle glisten on the lips. This transparant gloss is best used as a topcoat, so that the gold, baby blue and violet iridescent sparkles can up the festivity of the lippie you’re wearing.

That’s the face and the lips covered. But what eye-look to go for?

Météorites Voyage Enchanté mattifying powder €140,50
Terracotta Collector No3 €50,50
Gloss d’Enfer 902 Reflets Etoilés €30,50

LLS Guerlain 10

LLS Guerlain 7

LLS Guerlain 2

LLS Guerlain 4

LLS Guerlain 11

LLS Guerlain 12

LLS Guerlain 6

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