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Diorshow Mascara Gets a Makeover

I must have been one of the very few ladies out there that did not like the original Diorshow mascara. Somehow, my eyelashes and the original formula did not agree, so instead of long and luscious lashes, I was left with humpty and dumpty.  When it first launched in 2002, it was such a hit that retailers couldn’t keep it in stock, but after more than a decade of success, Dior Makeup’s creative director Peter Philips felt it was time for an update.

LLS Dior Eye1

Reformulations are always tricky, you risk changing that one ingredient or result that has everybody hooked on your product in the first place. Philips realized early on that one of the reasons the mascara is so loved is it’s big brush, so they did not touch that and focused on the formula itself. First up, the addition of fibers to the base, which adds richness to the lashes, instead of just length. It still takes a few coats to get a thick, full set of lashes, but whereas mine stayed short and stumpy before, I now also see the result of the lengthening effect. They don’t quite touch my eyebrows just yet, but we’re getting there.

LLS Dior Eye4

Second update is the new wiper system that they installed at the opening of the tube. There’s nothing as annoying as having too much product on the wand, and getting blobs of it all over your lashes, or having them stick together, so this is a smart move from Philips.  As much as it sounds like some fancy little extra on my car, the new wiper system actually means that when you take the wand out of the tube, you get the perfect amount of product because the wiper removes any of the excess from the bristles. Afterwards, when you return the brush back into the tube, you don’t push as much air inside, which helps the mascara stay fresh for longer instead of drying out too quickly. Final report card: a vast improvement on the previous version, the Diorshow has become one of my daily choices. My favourite mascara, however, it will never be.

In celebration of the new and improved formula, Philips also launched the Dior Brow Styler Gel. Straight and simple, the name says it all, a clear gel to keep those bushy brows in check! The gel does what it needs to do, it keeps my brows looking sleek and chique, without flaking or white residu. No frills, a lot of thrills, just how I like it!


LLS Dior Eye2

LLS Dior Eye5


  1. It’s been years since I last used it but I was a fan, so I should probably try this updated version. And a good brow product is always welcome, I have to take a look at it at a counter.

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