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Deco Dreaming – A Pinterest Worthy Office

Being the cool blogger that I am, I don’t have my own office at home. We had one, I must admit, but it got turned into a nursery when I was pregnant child nr 1., you know, priorities and all. With child nr 2, any dreams about my own office space got pushed back even further, but the dream remains! For the time being, my dining room table (or even sofa) has to do as my working area, but one day…one day I’ll have my own space! And when that day comes, I’d better be prepared, so I’ve got inspiration at the ready! My love affair with a white interior will probably never fade, there’s no doubt that my little corner needs to be a calming shade white as well! A few cabinets or drawer for storage are imperative, so that I can keep the working surface as clean and tidy as possible (tidy desk = tidy mind…), a little accessory or detail here and there, and I am a very happy camper! And as usual, I went Pinterest-crazy to get inspired…







All pictures via Pinterest.



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  3. All these photos are so lovely and I love your style when it comes to decor and interior in general. Great post really inspiring. 🙂
    — Miku

    • I know, if my husband would let me redo our house in these two colours, with a splash of marble, I would get started in a split second!!

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