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Guerlain Crème de Beauté Pure Radiance Cleansing Cream

When Guerlain does cleansers, they’re sure to be a high end, luxurious, out of this world experience. So when the Guerlain Crème de Beauté Pure Radiance Cleanser* arrived on my doorstep, how could I resist? One fifth of a new set of cleansers, there’s also a mousse, a milk, a micellar water and a bi-phase eye-makeup remover, but you know me, I’m a cream and balm cleanser girl through and through!

The entire 5-piece range is inspired by the ancient Nigella Damascena flower, which, shortly put, neutralizes the oxidation reactions caused by environmental pollution and UV-radiation. Free radicals are kept at bay, allow the skin to breathe and renew on a cellular level. So far the science class!

LLS Guerlain Crème de Beauté Cleanser

First thing I notice is that beautiful, luxe-exuding, guilded letters adorned glass jar that quite honestly is as heavy as it looks. Not one to be pushed away in a leftover dark corner of my bathroom cabinet, the size and looks of this cleanser demand to be placed centre stage! But when a product looks and smells this good, expectations are created. High expectations!

LLS Guerlain Crème de Beauté Cleanser 2

Rich and creamy to the touch, the cleanser needs to be worked in with the fingertips for a few minutes to remove make up and impurities. With not a hint of foam in sight, the cream easily massages into my skin (a little goes a long way!), and it truely becomes more than just a cleansing minute. Combined with some of Lisa Eldridge’s and Phil’s techniques, this crème de beauté is, until now, one of the best cleansers I’ve used for an indulgent, relaxing, evening skin massage. A double cleanse 2.0, so to say. Rinse off with tepid water and flannel cloth, and I am left with soft, clean and fresh skin, ready for a new boost of hydration.  Maybe not one of the cheapest, but surely one of the best cleansing options for all skintypes out there at the moment!

Guerlain Crème de Beauté – € 56 / £ 45 / $ 70,50
Available online and at your local beauty hall

LLS Guerlain Crème de Beauté Cleanser 1

LLS Guerlain Crème de Beauté Cleanser 3

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