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Five Things – Cool Kids Brands

Friday is here, another week has come and gone again, and what better way to spend your weekend with a spot of shopping (online or offline, as you wish!). If you’re like me, chances are that you’ve turned your kids’ wardrobe into your own personal styling project (Ain’t nobody touching it but me! Seriously!), and if so, here are 5 über stylish kids’ fashion brands you need to discover!

Emile Et Ida
French, cute, playful, do you need any other reason? The brainchild of Delphine and Céline, 2 Parisian mamans, the pieces are refined but easy-going at the same times, with folk and rock touches. Looks so pretty that the mums will love their kids in it, but are so comfortable the littles ones will have no problem letting loose in.  Especially their sweatshirts are too sweet, and have me caving in every time! But which one to choose next for A? The Viking? The Rain one? Oh and that kitty cat one for Miss C!

Stella McCartney Kids
I might be pointing out the obvious here, but whatever Mrs McCartney designs, turns into sartorial gold, and her children’s collections are the cherry on top of a very delicious cake! I mean, just look at that Christmas collection! Ever since one of my favourite shops, Het Land Van Ooit, started carrying Stella McCartney Kids, some items may or may not already have slipped into Little Miss C’s wardrobe…

Mini Rodini
Another obvious choice, I know, but can you blame me? I was already hooked when I learned it was a Swedish brand, and their colourful prints are just too sweet to resist. Case in point? Their sweaters, it’s impossible to chose just one!

Little Indians
My two rugrats must not have been calm and collected Indians in a previous life, as they are constantly running around, not giving their mum and dad a moment’s peace. No Indians without a tipi, so how about, besides the tipi that’s alreay the epicentre of their room, I also get them these tipi leggings to play in?

A late night online procrastination session lead to the discovery of this brand, and while it was already way past midnight, I was instantly wide awake! Quirky, exuberantly bright and colourful, organic and loved by my children, this Danish-Turkish brand has it all! Quickly order that Clementine dress before Mr B comes in and cuts my credit card in two!

Dress / Viking sweater / Panda leggings and onesie / skirt / Skeleton sweater / Eyes sweater / Lightning leggings

Emil et Ida, Stella McCartney Kids and Little Indians available at Het Land Van Ooit
Mini Rodini available at Studio Aimée
Wakamono available at Supergoods






  1. hetlandvanooit says

    Thanks for mentioning us. And for having such great taste!

    • You’re welcome, I absolutely adore your shop and love coming there! You’ll probably see me popping round again real soon… 🙂

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