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Wednesday Wishlist – Boss Bespoke Bag

It’s Wednesday, time to get wishlist-ing! Hugo Boss and I, we are like two peas in a pod, and with the holidays coming up, they couldn’t have released their Bespoke Collection at a better time!

This is not the first time I’ve fallen madly in love with a piece from my favourite German brand, my love for their sleek, minimalist, elegant pieces has been well documented here on the blog. A while ago, I satisfied my Boss craving by wearing a dress of theirs to my sister’s wedding, but my heart caught fire again when I laid eyes on the BOSS Bespoke Bag. 100% finest calf leather, clear lines and several inside pockets, this bag is a prime example of the German no frills aesthetic. Added touch however is the personalization service, in which the bag is shipped from the leather atelier in Florence to the hands of a second set of craftsmen in Paris, who will then upgrade the bag even futher to your personal wishes. Refinement and elegance meets Nordic minimalism and functionality, it’s Wednesday, I’m in love!




  1. The Street Canvas says

    Such a gorgeous bag! ❤

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