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Cosy Knit Days

Autumn is cosy, delightful, gorgeously sunny at it’s best, and frizz-inducing rainy at it’s worst. Some days you want to go outside, explore the woods or walk those sandy beaches all the way up to the horizon and take so many envy-inducing sunlit pictures for your entire Instagram world to see. And some days, all you want to do is stay in, curl up in your softest, warmest, gentlest knit, like a warm wave of love embracing  you, have a cuppa and a book, and stay in, all day long. No social media, no errands, no obligations, no outside world! Just you and that big ball of Amour that is your favourite knit!

Case in point: today! There’s no getting me outside, and my beloved bundle of heavenly softness (aka my cashmere scarf) and monochrome long cardigan are all I need. No stress, no fuss, I’m just gonna stay inside my little bubble. Pure and utter bliss!


LLS Cosy Knit 1

LLS Cosy Knit 5

LLS Cosy Knit 4


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