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An Office Worthy Make Up Menu

A day at the office might not be the best time to try that new gold eyeliner or show off those killer smokey eyes tricks you’ve got, but not wearing any make up when at work? That’s a no go! Secret is keeping it fresh enough so you’ll look awake and refreshed all day long, even after back to back meetings, but at the same time soft enough so that your colleagues can focus on what you’re saying, and not the warpaint on your face.

LLS Look 2

Step one, the new Avène Hydrance Optimale Skin Tone Perfector Rich. After all the BB, CC, DD cream fails of the past year, this one takes it back to basics or me. Hydration, an SPF 30, light reflecting  and soft focus particles for that summer-y hint of colour, I like! A little touch of the Dior Diorskin Nude Air loose powder sets everything in place, and the NARS Douceur blush is the blush numero une for an invisible perk-me-up boost.

Next up, the eyes. My Dior quintet in Amber Design is probably one of the most multifunctional, easy going eyeshadow options in my collection, and doubles as an eyeliner to go with the 4 soft shades, ranging from a pale champagne to a darker golden brown. As usual, the quality of these shades is immaculate, so this’ll take you from 7 am to 6 pm without a glitch. My lashes get the Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam treatment, and an extra touch of the Givenchy Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat takes them from striking to out-of-this-world! Personally, I don’t love doing a bold lip when I know I’ll have office meetings that day, so the Givenchy Gloss Révélateur Intense is just perfect! It may look bright red in the packaging, but the gloss reacts with my skin’s PH to give just a hint of colour. My lips but better, that’s the way we like it!

LLS Look 1

LLS Look 3

LLS Look 6
LLS Look 4



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  1. Lovely picks, that loose powder looks beautiful! My everyday routine is similar but without the eyeshadow… I just can’t be bothered, but I do want to make the effort. Maybe a 2016 resolution? We’ll see 😉

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