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Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Pencils

Something is changing! Not only the seasons are playing their yearly merry-go-round, my make up preferences have also slightly shifted focus. Literally, because where I loved playing up my eyes ever since I discovered make up, now some mascara and a swift flick of eyeline will do before the main act takes centre stage: my lips. From not even owning a single lipstick to having a complete drawer dedicated to it, it’s all about the lips these days!

What triggered this lip-obsession? A love for the effortless and laid back Parisian chic look, not enough time every morning for a deluxe eye look and the realisation that less is more with a popping lip colour. Case in point, these Jane Iredale PlayOn Lip Pencils!

LLS Jane Iredale Lip Pencils 2

Lip pencils are having their moment right now, and who can blame them! Easy to use, a technicolour variety of shades and available for just about any budget. I’ve been testing these Jane Iredale Lip Pencils, and and if you want to know what I think ,just keep on reading.

Jane Iredale might not have reached the astronomical heights such as Dior and Chanel when it comes to worldwide fame, but it is a brand worth looking into. First reason to try it? Iredale Mineral Cosmetics was the first ever make up brand completely based on minerals and free of synthetic chemicals. Reason number two? Every product has to not only bring some colour but also some care. And if that isn’t enough reason, just look at that golden packaging. Doesn’t that just breathe luxury and past era’s of pure glamour?

LLS Jane Iredale Lip Pencils 3

Each PlayOn Lip Pencil contains a high concentration of hydrating oils, such as castor seed and candelilla oil, and they come in 7 colours: Blissfull (transparant nude), Yummy (transparant peach), Saucy (coral), Charming (bubblegum pink), Luscious (pinkish brown), Hot (bright red) and Naughty ( brick red). Blissfull and Yummy don’t really translate that well on my lips, but all the other shades create that easygoing je ne sais quoi look that I like when wearing lipstick. Application is beyond easy, like a normal crayon this pencil just glides over your lips without tugging or pulling. Pigmentation isn’t extremely intense, so you’ll need to apply a layer or two, three before getting the full hit of colour. A touch up is also due every few hours, so I wouldn’t exactly classify this as a longlasting lipstick, But all in all, a B+ for effort and an A- for shade selection!


LLS Jane Iredale Lip Pencils 7

LLS Jane Iredale Lip Pencils 8

LLS Jane Iredale Lip Pencils 10

LLS Jane Iredale Lip Pencils 6

LLS Jane Iredale Lip Pencils 9



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