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Verso Super Facial Oil

Oils really are having their moment, and who can blame them! Their texture, results, versatility and easy application have turned them into champions of our skincare routines, with facial oils being so ahead of the curve they make you feel like they’re all your face will ever need.

LLS Verso Face Oil 3

After Filipa K, Acne Studios and Alexander Skarsgard, Verso skincare is one of the hottest brands to come out of Sweden these last few years. Going against the current idea of a product for every imagineable problem, their concise line of skincare  exists of only a handful of products that are simple yet effective, all centered around one key ingredient Retinol 8 and each with the possibility to target several problems at the same time, depending on your skin needs. Sounds fancy? I know! The seventh product to be added to this line up is the Verso Super Facial Oil, a dry, airy oil based around Verso’s key ingredient, Retinol 8. High doses of Retinol 8 ( 8 times more powerful and less agressive to the skin than normal retinol) will at the same time combat wrinkles, fine lines or other signs of anti-ageing and clear up scaring, dark spots and inpurities. Additional extracts of sunflower and canola oils moisturize and soothe as well as protect against everyday exposure to UV rays and treat inflammations. Sounds like a big promise, but  can the oil deliver?

First things first, there’s no denying bottle looks incredibly good, and will make every other product on your bathroom shelf pale in comparison. Just look at that sleek, black bullet casing, home to an airtight vial with a spray top. Because of the spray system, no air will ever come in contact with the oil, so that it won’t be affected or contaminated. One, two three spritzes on my fingertips, I massage it into my skin, and two minutes later, I’m done. No heavy, oily residu that needs to sink in for hours, no discoball shine on my cheeks or forehead and no stickiness, this alone had me sold. The hydration and nourishment these few little drops provide is astonishing, where I normally need a trifecta of hydrating products, this one has it all covered. But that’s not the only magic trick it has up it’s sleeve, when I apply it at night, I wake up the next morning looking refreshed, with a healthy, balanced and even glow unlike I’ve ever had before.

Truth be told, it is an double thumps up anti-ageing warrior, but I’m dreading the day I finish that last vial (there are 4 vials of 7.5 ml per set) because it’s painfully pricey….

Verso Super Facial Oil – box with 4 vials and container: € 180 / £ 125 / US $ 195

Available at
Kroonen & Brown 
Verso Antwerp


LLS Verso Face Oil 2

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