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Everyday handbag essentials

“Show me your handbag and I’ll know all about you”. If you take one look at my handbag and it’s contents, and you’ll see immediately that I am a big control freak, and like to be prepared for just about anything that could happen. Less is more definitely does not apply to what I lugg around on a daily  basis, and while the exact content might vary from day to day, these are the absolute essentials I always need with me!

Bobby pins and elastic bands for my hair are a no brainer, I love wearing my hair down but can not stand it falling in front of my eyes when I’m working on my laptop… A lip balm is a year round necessity as well, the Kenzoki Balm for Lips to Kiss is a new discovery that has my lips loving it. A transparant, hydrating, buttery texture that sinks in easily, perfect for on-the-go touch ups. Another Kenzoki favourite is the Kenzoki Cream with a Sheen, for those moments my skin needs some extra hydration in the afternoon, and to be honest,  mother-of-pearl sheen of the cream is a welcome little extra. A little spritz of perfume can do wonders, so you’ll always find a travel flacon in my bag, big or small. At this moment, it is filled with Maison Martin Margiela Beach Walk, but whichever perfume is my favourite at the time it needs to be refilled, will do. You never know what will happen during a day full of meetings or where you’ll end up, so the refreshing Thermal Spring Water Mist from Avène, the Givenchy Teint Couture Concealer and a killer red lipstick cannot stay at home. Current red lippie love is the Givenchy Le Rouge 318 Rouge Acajou, a striking blue-ish red with a soft hint of raspberry. And let’s be honest, that black leather casing with the rock-and-roll stud is a thing of beauty as well! Some wet wipes, because you’ll never know what those kids will get up to, and a charger for both my iPhone and iPad, well that doesn’t really need any explanation…

LLS Beauty Bag 3

LLS Beauty Bag 4

LLS Beauty Bag 2

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