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Monochrome chic on a buget

Pair a catch up lunch with a friend plus a very windy afternoon with my ever-continuing love for all fashion black and white, and you get the zest of this post (and that day)! My love for all things black and white, and especially separates, is still going very strong, and I don’t see us breaking up any time in the nearby future. My wardrobe has been slowly evolving from a gigantic burst of preppy colour to a minimalist palette of blacks, whites and greys any Swede would be proud of, and as much as I just want to throw anything eve remotely colourful out and replace it with a Scandi-cool item, my bank account (and Mr B) do not agree with that, so time to go budget…

LLS Monochrome 6

This gorgeous H&M top was a bit of a lucky coincidence. I had to dash to several other meetings after a dentist’s appointment a week ago, and my dentist managed to spill some liquid all over the white silk blouse I was wearing that day. Shock horror, and with only 30 minutes until my next appointment, I dashed into a nearby H&M, desperately scanning the racks before my eyes landed on this beauty! And as the saying goes… the rest is history!

LLS Monochrome 5

LLS Monochrome 4

LLS Monochrome 3

Top – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Croco pumps – H&M
Clutch – & Other Stories
Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren

Pictures by the lovely Katia


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