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Diapers and Milk and a brand new hotspot

Looking for the perfect marble printed tees and leggings for my little ones (Obsessed? Me?) , I stumbled across Diapers and Milk on Studio Aimée and I was sold! In an instant, hook, line and sinker! What may look like an ordinary collection of leggings to an outstander, is actually my idea of sartorial heaven for my mini me’s! What may look like just a collection of basic leggings is in fact the brainchild of Leia Sfez (check this übercool mom’s Instagram, it’s envy-enducing and inspiring at the same time!), and draws from her personal style. Minimalist, monochrome and architectural are key words,  which make that these, mainly minimalistic black and white are timeless, priceless and full of style. All Diapers and Milk pieces are made out of organic cotton and printed with non-toxic ink,  The combination possibilities are endless,  and as Leia does not follow the season but updates her collection continuously, so are the shopping possibilities! And when Leia does collaborations, so does them right! A brainstorming session with Veja led to these to-die-for-but-will-kill-for-them-first mummy and me marble print sneakers (see my pattern here?!). One, two, three, ordered them!

As if falling in love with that marble printed legging isn’t enough, the rest of Studio Aimée turns out to be a treasure cove as well! Much to Mr B’s dismay, I’ve spent hours and hours browsing this webshop, and it truly is my bankrupcy waiting to happen! Everywhere I look, I come across new brand discoveries and find these must have pieces that set my minimalistic, monochrome-loving heart a-flutter. From this panther sweatshirt for A to this polka dot dress for Little Miss C, I want it all! Or maybe I should also include that stunning stars t-shirt  and that wall poster A loves so much? Studio Aimée, I love thee (but my credit card not so much!)

Diapers and Milk Frankie Leggings: €35
Available via Studio Aimée



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