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One last hurrah at the beach with Bobbi Brown

Some fragrances come, some go just as quickly, and every once in a blue moon, you find yourself falling in love with a sent, spritz after spritz, so that it remains a staple in your morning ritual, bottle after bottle after bottle. Ever since it’s launch in 2009, Bobbi Brown Beach has been of of those fragrantic loves for me, making me long for sultry summer days that seemingly go on forever in wintertime, and making me cherish the afternoon summer sun on my skin on a perfect, hot day at the waterside with friends and family.

One little spritz is all it takes to go back to the beach, with it’s notes of sea spray, sand jasmine and mandarin creating a luscious, sweet yet salty scent that just makes you feel the salt in the air, the sand under your feet and the sun on your skin. The only little peeve I have with this fragrance is that it doesn’t last overly long on me, it disappears after a few hours, so I need to top it up somewhere in the afternoon if I want it to last all day. But, as my mum would always say, if there isn’t a solution, there isn’t a problem! A little layering never hurt anyone, so whenever I want the beach to stay with me all day long, I start my morning with the Beach Shower Gel or the Beach Body Scrub, a light touch of the Beach Body Lotion for that double whammy of scent and moisture, and the Beach Eau de Parfum as the pièce de resistance.

Now if you’d excuse me, the beach is calling my name!

LLS Bobbi Brown Beach 1

LLS Bobbi Brown Beach 3

LLS Bobbi Brown Beach 4

LLS Bobbi Brown Beach 2



    • It only lasts about 5 – 6 hours on me, but most fragrances only last that long on me. It is not the fragrance that you’ll still smell 12 hours later…

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