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Bathroom Essentials – The Luxury Edition

This last Sunday, it was clear. Rain or sunshine, wailing kids or sleeping angels, something or nothing on tv, I just didn’t care. After a heavy week, a few sleepless nights and my sister’s bachelorette party, all I could think about was a bath! A long, hot, pampering session in my white personal haven, my bathtub, not even a stern Karl Lagerfeld could stop me!

A super pamper calls for the luxe products to  come off the shelf, and a good sprinkling of the Susanne Kaufmann Deacidifying Alkali Salt is the perfect first step. Not just any regular bath salt, this organic composition calms down stressed limbs, eliminates any and all waste products from you skin and reduces the acidity levels so that it remains blanced and less prone to  rashes and other reactions. It’s the very first poduct I’ve tried from the Susanne Kaufmann Collection, and I must admit I am curious to discover more! Next up, my hair gets the full works with the Balmain Hair Care Repair Mask to get my strands back into full on silky smooth mode. Work it in, twist hair into a bun and let the mask work it’s magic for a good half an hour! While the hair mask sinks in, I reach for one of my favourite face masks (I’m on my third tube at the moment, nr 4 won’t be long!), the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask. Nothing perks up my skin like this creamy goodness, and a touch of this brightening and nourishing wizzard does wonders for me! Saving the best for last, another long love of mine gets to come out and play. The brown sugar and 4 oils of Caudalie’s Divine Scrub make it one of the gentlest yet most effective scrubs I’ve ever tried , and many other scrubs have come and gone, but this one still outperforms all of them!

After that deluxe home pampering session, I was ready to face the world again. Now, where is Karl Lagerfeld?

LLS Relax 2

LLS Relax 3

LLS Relax 4


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