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Guerlain Terracotta Terre D’Éte

I was discussing my ridiculous stash with one of my lesser-beauty-crazed friends, and she asked me one simple question: “Would I be able to survive without my entire cabinet, and just tone it down to only a handful of products, like her. And if so, what items would remain?” Mmmmm tough one. I ordered another drink, and throughout the rest of the afternoon, I mulled over that question. In the end, the answer was surprisingly simple. If need be, all I could not do without are a great mascara, a multifunctional concealer, and a killer bronzer. And when you say bronzer, you say Guerlain.

Bronzer is one of those things where bigger is better, so when I first laid eyes in my latest bronzer addition, the Terracottta Terre D’Eté Tan Enhancing Bronzer*, hidden in it’s enormous white compact, I drew in a sharp breath. Giddy like a little child in a candy shop, I could not wait to get my hands on it! Guerlain are renowed for their bronzers (Have you ever tried their Terracotta 4 seasons range? You’ll never look back), and this limited edition is no exception to that rule. When you say bronzer, you say Guerlain! Once I stopped gushing over the matte white packaging and guilded lettering (major deco inspiration!), the lure of the golden sun became too much and I dove in, cheeks and blush brush first! Those golden rays of sunshine fade  away after a few uses, which is actually a good thing as it was a touch too heavy for me. The soft brown however seems to be a perfect match for my skintone, not too overpowering on my pale skin before I left on holiday, and still enhancing my after-holiday tan, while the coral keeps it from looking too flat or one-dimensional. So far, this does a cracker job. But so do my other Guerlain bronzers, so what is it that makes me reach for this white compact every morning? That delicious scent! The powder has been scented with that enticing fragance of the tiare flower, taking me straight back to my honeymoon in Bali each time I open it. From Belgium to Bali, and with a tan to match!

Guerlain 1

Guerlain 5

Guerlain 3

Guerlain 4

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