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Firming up with Nivea

Just as nearly any woman, I have my hang ups about my body, these little things that seem to bother no one else but that make me feel insecure and self-conscious. Fight the flab is a daily struggle of mine (not a size 6 here!), and any product that can help me with that is a friend of mine! Nivea is one of those brands that I can remember using since forever. My mum used it on  herself, my sister, me, my dad sneakily stole our jars when he had a skin-issue, my nan proudly displayed her blue jar in her bathroom… I could write an entire book on my whole family being Nivea addicts. So who better to turn to when fruit and fitness aren’t enough to make that pesky cellulite I have going on disappear! Will the Nivea Q10 Good-Bye Cellulite Firming Shower Gel* magically zap away all that wibbly bobbly skin? And all that in a multifunctional shower gel? Fingers crossed!

Main flab fighters of the shower gel are L-Carnitine, Lotus-extract and Nivea’s famous Q10. L-Carnitine is an amino-acid that stimulates the conversion of fat to energy (and therefore burns more fat!), whilst the Q10 will again up the burning of fat through energy, and at the same time nourish the skin and tighten it. The natural Lotus-extract is a relative new discovery, it is about twice as powerful as caffeine and is quickly replacing caffeine as the main ingredient in firming creams. Not only does it up the ante in burning fat, it also prevents new fat cells from being formed, and provides a longer lasting slimming result.

But does it work? Or am I the butt of the joke? Huge plus of the shower gel is that it is extremely easy to use. At the end of your shower routine, apply it to the areas you wish to firm up (and only those areas!), massage it in and rinse it off. Easy peasy! A minute or two later, the areas you massaged the gel to will start to tingle and get ice cold, so it is best to pay attention to where you apply it. I also massaged some into my upper arms, and I can assure you, that was not a fun rest of the evening… Has my cellulite magically faded away? Not really, but it has softened a bit, which is great start. Now it is up to me to keep on massageing, eating healthy and just keep on moving! Up next, part 2 of my firming plan!




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