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Little Musings

Today’s a day off. Home alone, without children, meetings or errands to run. Total and utter bliss! What to do on such a day? A little blogging, a little pampering, a little relaxing? Before heading out to lunch with one of my oldest and sweetest friends, I tackle that inbox of mine (explosion alert!), photograph some exciting new items and catch up with my mum over a huge cup of coffee. Today’s one of those days where even the littlest of things can make you happy: a spritz of my favourite perfume ever, new glasses or even a touch of lipgloss to spice up an otherwise barenaked face…  Happiness is in the little things! Enjoy your hump day!

Glasses – Silhouette
Perfume – Acqua Di Parma Fico Di Amalfi
Lipgloss: Guerlain Gloss D’Enfer 421




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