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Best Laid Lego Plans

I had a plan! I had just gotten Little Miss C a brand new Lego Duplo set, some great new clothes for C & A , and was planning on doing a gorgeous shoot with them. So far, so good!
Were it not that my kids aren’t exactly the greatest models in town (career possibilities in child modelling: slim to none…). Little Miss C can’t sit still for a single second and refuses to look at the camera, and A “smiles” like he has a massive toothache. And the two of them together in a picture, dressed all pretty and doing exactly what I ask them to do? Well, let’s just keep on dreaming…!

So Mummy’s photo shoot was not really that interesting to them. That new Duplo box that they had spotted in the corner of the room on the other hand… If there’s one thing both my kids love playing with (and often fight over), it’s their extensive Lego and Duplo collection. It’s almost as if they have this sixth sense, if there’s a new box hidden somewhere, that’s the exact closet they’ ll start rummaging through. A few weeks ago we were spending a week away, and a sunny afternoon proved to be the perfect moment to open Duplo’s newest educational set, My First Farm*. Developped to train toddlers’ basic building skills and let them have fun while learning all about the farm and it’s animals. Fun guaranteed, especially when A started explaining all the animals with their sounds to Little Miss C. Cows and chickens have never been so popular in this household, the farm holds no more secrets for them, and Duplo still reigns supreme while all the other toys just lie there gathering dust… And my attemp to take pictures? Let’s just say I let the kids have fun, and that’s that. Maybe next them they’ll want to wear my outfit suggestions instead of their favourite vacation outfit? One step at a time!



Duplo 4




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