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Balmain Hair Care – Part 2

Luxury and LeenLovesStyle, they go together like peas in a pod. A few months ago I already spoke of wanting to try the Balmain Hair Care range, and guess what… The allure of Haute Couture Hair and K’s raving about this range proved to be too much, so I gave in. The Balmain Moisturing Line Gift Set made it’s way towards me not long after my previous article, and I’ve been testing it ever since.

The Moisture Line Gift Set contain the Moisturizing Shampoo, The Moisturizing Conditioner and the Repair Mask. A triple moisturizing threat for my manes, but did it really give me that shiny effortless chique hair of the Parisian woman that I craved? The entire Moistuzizing line is built upon the strenghts of argan oil and silk protein , it aims to be deeply nourishing, revitalizing and softening for both natural and coloured hair. Additional UV filters, heat- and colour protectors are designed to keep our hair silky smooth, supple and shiny. But what did my full head of sun-bleached tresses think of this upscale line?

The Moisturizing Shampoo does what the name says, no more, no less. It gently moisturizes my hair while cleaning out all the gunk and pollution. I was a bit disappointed to find sulphates amongst the ingredients list, I understand that brands like to add it in so that a shampoo would lather and froth nicely, but sulphates and colour-treated hair don’t really play well together. The negative of the sulphates is balanced by the amino acids, argan oil and panthenol, which leave my hair feeling soft and swishy (yes, that is a word and desired hair feeling ), but not so much I can just leave it at that. Combine it with the Moisturizing Conditioner, and well, that’s a different story. A second dose of argan oil to tame my thick manes, and it goes from thick and frizzy to sleek-er and swishy-er (again, desired hair feelings ). Part three of the triple threat is the Repair Mask. Normally I am all over a repair mask like a française over her croissant, but the alcohol high up on the ingredients list made me hestitant to use this at first. The thick butter-y consistency combined with the soft scent are enough to entice every woman out there, and if you move past the alcohol, the nourishing ingredients certainly have their effect on my hair. Silky smooth and so shiny the Carine Roitfeld herself would be jealous…

The packaging is another plus, sleek and understated, with the white and black standing out against the screaming confusion of other products on my bathroom shelf. The pump on the shampoo and conditioner is another big plus, but I struggle with the idea that a luxe brand rooted in quality would not find a way to avoid ingredients such as sulphates and alcohol, and that’s what keeping me from giving it a rave review…

Balmain 2

Balmain 3

Balmain 4

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