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Karl Lagerfeld Takes You To Paradise Bay

Karl Lagerfeld has the Midas Touch! After the succes of the Karl Lagerfeld for Him and Her fragrances last year, King Karl shows again that he still reigns supreme with his follow up number, Karl Lagerfeld Paradise Bay. From a hard day’s work straight to an exotic beach, it’s something we all dream about, me included…. Bora Bora might have to wait a few more years, but Mr Lagerfeld has brought that exotic beach a bit closer. A little spritz every morning, I close my eyes, and away I float.

A heavenly white beach, crystal clear water as far as the eye can see, your very own secret hiding place to escape your daily life. The pitch for this new fragrance duo was clear, the exoticness needed to be awe-inducing yet not too much, not to sickly sweet, but layered and sophisticated.

Karl Lagerfeld Paradise Bay for Women, created by Serge Majoullier and Cécile Matton, is a fruity floral scent with green touches. It inmediately opens with exotic waves of litchi, pinneaple and peaches so plump and juicy you just want to devour one.  It then blooms into soft notes of magnolia, roses and jasmine, before musk, vanilla and sandalwood give away a promise of a dusky sky heavy with the scent of the setting sun.

Karl Lagerfeld Paradise Bay for Men, like in any good relationship, is the perfect partner to complement his lady. Woody, aromatic and hints of freshness, the male fragrance evokes scents of the crisp morning air before the heat of the female sent takes over. Yin versus yang. Masterminded by Jean-Christophe Herault, the scent opens with hints of violet leaf, apples and mint, before the bergamot takes over. It’s sturdier, woody character comes from cashmere wood and vetiver. Once more, Karl Lagerfeld manages what few others can pull off: a male fragrance that also works for us ladies! Double whammy!




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