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Red face fixers

I admit, sometimes I don’t even practice what I preach (bad beauty blogger here!) and stay too long in the sunshine without topping up my SPF. This usually involves a sunny afternoon, friends and a few glasses of sangria… Result, a face with a terrible sunburn, cheeks as red as a first-class lobster and so painful I cannot even think about opening and closing my mouth. Unfortunately the Spanish sun did a number on my face during our holiday this month, and these two were the only ones that kept my skin from itching, hurting and burning. Shortly put, happy face, happy me!

Better safe than sorry, but in case you’re suffering from a nasty sunburn, here’s what I tried. After a gentle cleansing with the La Roche Posay Rosaliac Micellar Make Up Removal Gel, I apply a really thick layer of the Avène Soothing Moisture Mask. This little tube has been my best friend ver since I bought my first one about three years. A whole lot of calming and hydrating goodness, and my skin loves it like no other! After that’s sunk in, out comes the Uriage Soothing Cream After Sun For Face. A refreshing gel cream after sun (wow, that’s a mouthful!), or as my mum calls it, a little blue tube of water-y goodness… That kind of says it all. Not too greasy or heavy, but cooling and gentle enough to soften the fury on my cheeks. The next morning, the screaming redness had subsided, the pain was gone and I could literally smile again. Two more days out of the sun and nighttime treats of this duo, and I was once more a happy camper. Happy face, happy me!

LLS After Sun Saviours 3

LLS After Sun Saviours 4

LLS After Sun Saviours 2

Sunglasses – Tavat


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