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Wishlist Wednesday – Terre Bleue Sales

Sales are here!!! A self imposed shopping ban ends now, time to go crazy,  hit the shops and get that credit card plastic burning!  Mission for this sale season? Trying to be sensible and practical (let’s see how long it takes for that one to go flying out the window). Focus on items that can be easily combined with several pieces already in my (overcrowded) wardrobe, work on several occasions and can be worn longer than only on the hottest day of the year (which just so happens to be today…).  First stop on my shopping spree: Terre Bleue. A brand largely ignored by me for being too humpty frumpty, I was proven wrong when I started to dig a bit deeper and looked past my original prejudices. Result: a wishlist as long as my arm…

Will hopefully be mine after today: two gorgeous sweaters that will look good in every season, with every separate in my closet, a gorgeous tongue in cheek parrot print playsuit, the numero uno multitasker, a navy blue jumpsuit, and my first foray in long, flowy skirts…

Have you ever shopped at Terre Bleue? What will be the items you make a beeline for today?

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