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YSL Pop Water Collection

Yves Saint Laurent has always been one of those brands that existed in my peripheral vision, but never really caught my eye. Yes I have the token YSL Touche Eclat in my collection but hardly use it (shock horror,  know!), and the last time I bought something from them must have been a decade ago. Not really qualifying for super fandom here…

So there I was, ignoring YSL in favour of my regular favourites, when the Pop Water Collection came splashing by (yes, pun completely intented!), a complete collection for eyes and lips. Growing tired of heavy lipsticks and  powdery eyeshadows, I was really in the mood for something lighter and fresher, so YSL provided the light, and I was the moth.

If the Vernis à Levres Pop Water gives you a sudden craving fo popsicles, don’t worry, I had the exact same reaction. This new lipgloss / lipstick hybrid draws it’s inspiration from gummy bears (whoever said sweets weren’t good for you!), so colours are bright yet glossy and water-y at the same time. I’ve been hooked on the Vernis à Levres Pop Water No 203 Eau de Corail* ever since first testing it, the soft coral gently makes my lips pop without being too in-your-face, as it is just intense enough to be noticed, but not too neon bright. Admittedly, the non sticky formula is  one of the reasons I wear it so often, I love wearing something on my lips but don’t want to feel it (Difficult? Me? Nooooo..). The high concentration of glycerine stops my lips from drying out, so I have a feeling this is going to be a firm favourite this summer.

Whenever I hear the words metal eyeshadow, I’m ready to run a mile, but YSL managed to cretae just that without making me flashback to the early 2000’s. The YSL Full Metal Shadow in Pink Cascade did not make me look like one of the Mean Girls (Regina King, I love you but I do not want to look like  you…), unlike what the name would have you think, it played out like a sheer, soft glaze on my eyelids. A little metallic action did go on, yes, but in such a way that it opened up my eyes in a way that eyeliner normally doesn’t, with the soft, nude pink picking up the blue in my eyes and enhancing it.

YSL, I may have to rethink my opinion about you!





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