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Wishlist Wednesday – Burberry Rocks The Espadrille

Burberry has always held a special place in my heart (even back when it was all tartan and no trend). The icon par excellence of all things British has gone from being a British upper class staple to becoming a worldwide trendsetter ( That monogrammed poncho! That heart-print blouse! The make up!). Each season, their collection enchants me in unexpected ways, leaving me lusting after something I never thought I’d want, and this summer, it’s no different.

Espadrilles never really appealed all that much to me, not even when the Chanel ones were all the rage a few season ago. Sure, I do have a hot pink pair that I only wear at home, but actually combining them with a great outfit and go outside? Never!

Fast forward to about a week ago, when A Burberry newsletter dropped into my mailbox, and my heart skipped a beat! I instantly fell in love! Head over heels, hook, line and sinker, you know the likes. Not a check in sight, the stripe or animal print just beg to be combined with every pair of shorts,  playsuit or even floaty dresses in my wardrobe. Office, beach, city-tripping or al fresco chilling, this one does it all!

First thing I’ll do when I get back home? Hunt these beauties down and get them on my feet!


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