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Leen Travels – A Light Skincare Menu

Aaaaand we’re off! A week-long break, a little R & R before the summer rush! The only problem here? Those kids take up a lot of space leaving only a slither of trolley and toilet bag space for mummy, and yours truly does not know how to travel lightly… Leen + no options = not a match made in heaven.

That does not mean I don’t want to try, and with just a little make up bag and the type of holiday in mind, I pared it down the bare essentials. But boy, downsizing is bloody difficult! A good cleanser is indispensable, so the Ren Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth was the first to make the cut. A solid, no frills cleanser that can tackle every layer of make up or sunscreen, but is extremely gentle on my skin as well. Multitasking is key here, so that’s why the Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner is also coming with me. A firm staple of mine since the first spritz (want to know why I love it so much? Check here), and the bottle’s small size is perfect for travelling. The Filorga Hydra – Hyal Intensive Hydrating Plumping Concentrate is relatively new to my collection, I’ve been testing it for a fortnight now, but so far, so good. Hydrating and plumping, that’s always a good combo in my book, especially on a holiday where water and sunshine take turns in playing trickery on my skin

No sunnies will ever be good enough to zapp those wrinkles away, so I’ve got the La Roche-Posay Redermic-R taking care of that, don’t be fooled by it’s size, this little tube packs a big punch!  Earlier I wrote why the Environ Intensive Super Moisturiser+ is such a hit with my dry skin, so it cannot stay at home! Morning and night, this will give me a much needed hydration aaaahhhh moment! Why would I then need the Weleda Skin Food? Known as my beach bag buddy, this one is coming to the pool wih me for in-between touch ups to keep my skin from feeling (and looking…) like sanding paper. Lastly, and yu know the drill, sun or no sun, SPF is obligatory, so the Sisley Youth Protector Face SPF50 was the last must-have to come with me. Sun protection with an added anti-ageing in a silky smooth, non-greasy formula, can you say win-win-win?!

One week, an am, pm routine and poolside routine, and only 7 products! I’m proud of myself!


LLS Travel 3

LLS Travel 2

LLS Travel 1


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