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An SPF trio for your face – Enjoy the sun and keep those wrinkles away!

Today is going to a scorcher over here in Western Europe, so time to get some brunch, lunch, aperitif or dinner al fresco, or just kick back and relax. Whether I’ll spend 15 minutes or 15 hours outside, protection and hydration are my no 1 focus today!

It’s funny how things go, I can clearly remember huffing and puffing as a child when my mum chased after me with bottles of Nivea SPF 25, and now I’m even worse. Having been officially titled the “SPF-Dictator by Mr B, I’ll be hassling everyone around me all day long, shoving one of three tubes that I carry with me right under their noses (yes, I’m mental like that!). Why stick to one when you’ve got three excellent SPF’s to choose from? A girl’s gotta have options!

These las few weeks, sun or no sun, the Sisley Youth Protector Face SPF 50* has been the last step every morning before heading out the door. A true skin warrior thanks to it’s UVA and UVB filters, Edelweiss extract and Camellia oil fend off environmental damages and the Shea Butter and Mango are an added bonus! Sun protection, Battling off wrinkles, loss of firmness and dark spots, this little tube does it all with it’s silky, non-greasy touch!

A very close runner up is the Lancaster Anti-Wrinkels & Dark Spots Uniform Tan Cream SPF30*, which resembles the Sisley in it’s anti-ageing properties, but it focuses more on preventing hyperpigmentation and improving that perfect, golden tan. It’s Smart Tone Complex evens out the tan, making me look more J.Lo than J.No…

Lastly, the Uriage Bariésun Stick Mineral SPF 50+* for sensitive skin has been mine on-the-go option. Good things come in small sizes, and this one certainly lives up to that! Big, slouchy bag or little clutch, I just pop this one in and take it everywhere with me. Whip it out for little touches throughout the day, and it’s hypoallergenic formula works perfectly for my sensitive skin without drying it out. Chock-a-block with Vitamin A, C and E, avocado oil and shea butter, it’s a failsafe option!

LLS SPF Face 1

LLS SPF Face 2

LLS SPF Face 4

LLS SPF Face 6

LLS SPF Face 5

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