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Wishlist Wednesday – Lipault – Travelling has never been this colourful

I’m counting down the days to a little week-long break in two days, and packing my bags has taught me one sad lesson: All of my suitcases, bags and trolleys are old, in need of replacement and above all, a dullingly boring black! So much for travelling in style.

Looking for a splash of colour to take with me to La Douce France (or anywhere else… wanderlust taking over), I stumbled across the newest collection from Lipault. A jolt of electric neon yellow screamed from across my screen, and I knew instantly that this was the stuff my suitcase and trolley dreams were made of! Now, would I be able to get my hands on this beauty before Friday?



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  1. I like it, especially the bag! The suitcase seems a bit cheap to me though, with the material like that. But I do love yellow.

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