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Environ Intensive Super Moisturiser+

Another moisturiser Leen? I can hear you thinking it out loud, and rolling your eyes at the same time, but hear me out! Environ is a brand that hasn’t been featured much here on LeenLovesStyle, or reaches the same amount of buzz as, say, a Chanel limited edition make up collection, but it sure has a cult following.

Founded by Dr Des Fernandes in 1990, after having seen first-hand the devastations of skin cancer. As a plastic surgeon, he had witnessed sun-damaged skin in all of it’s glory, and realized the necessity of protecting your skin. As good as a good old dose of topping up your tan might sound to some of us, that big ball of yellow heat is one of the biggest factors in premature skin ageing, so hurray for a paler look! Combining his skin care knowledge with a higher concentration of Vitamin A proved to be his winning ticket in preventing sun damage!

Latest addition to the Environ family is the Environ Intensive Super Moisturiser+*. The name says it all, this is a moisture boosting, heavy hydration hitter, especially designed for barren, winter weather, airco sufferers or skins as dry as the Sahara without an oasis. And let that last just be the perfect description of my skin! In fact, it is all simple! A skin with enough moisture can focus on fighting other battles.  If anything, this cream really does hydrate! Where it might be too rich for normal to somewhat dry skins to use in the summer, my skin laps it up like a scoop of gelato on a hot summer’s day. The ingredients list also reads like a who’s who of protective moisture boosting powers, thanks to several antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Pentavitin, Provitamin B5 and Revidrate. This spells for a lot of hydration and a little glow-inducing, but if you want to keep fighting that anti-ageing battle as well, best combine it with of Environ’s Vitamin A based products or another anti-ageing serum. Think of this as your little moisture secret, the key to looking as fresh getting off the plane as when getting on it.

LLS Environ 4

LLS Environ 1

LLS Environ 3


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