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A Gin Fueled Instagram Diary

Let’s try something new and fun today, shall we? I don’t really refer to my social media feeds very often here (but please, do feel free to follow my Twitter and Facebook), but seeing that I love a good Instagram Diary from other fab bloggers, I thought it would be fun to do one myself and see how it goes. Another quick peek in my life, or at least the fun bits, cause no one wants to see me doing my day  job or slave away at home. Time to get into weekend-mode!

Last weekend was a delightfully relax and at times sunny, and I enjoyed it to the fullest. A lazy afternoon in the garden with the kids, a spot of shopping, and to top it all off, a gin-tonic afficionado’s highlight of the year, the annual Gin Fair. Mr B and I made it a date in the shadow of the MAS, and being the addict that I am, I Instagrammed the shizzle out of it. A lot of old friends (Hi there Sipsmith!) a few new acquaintances (nice to meet you PJ!) and the start of what could be a new gin-affair (Hen who? Hentho!). Will you join me for a look?

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