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Garnier Mythical Olive

It’s every woman’s dilemma, your make up and outfit can be your best ever, but as long as your hair is a frizzy disaster or a greasy, flat mop, there’s no looking your best. No better buzz killer than bad hair. Unlike with some other beauty categories, the fanciest and most expensive shampoo’s aren’t always the best.

Garnier  has always been one of those brands that everyone grew up, who doesn’t remember those commercials about their kiddie apricot shampoo? Latest addition to their Ultra Doux family is the Mythical Olive range, a Mediterranean secret in a bottle for dry and brittle hair. Will it be as good for my hair as it is for my aperitif?

Virgin olive oil apparently does not only work wonders in the kitchen, it’s high dose of nutritious and softening powers is supposed to turn your hair from straw to silk, from shabby to shiny. If it worked for the ancient Greeks, I figured it should also work for me, and treated my hair to a pampering session with the Mythical Olive shampoo and conditioner. Did it transform my tresses in a shiny, glistening cascade of gold that would make even Blake Lively envious? Not exactly, though that might be the fault of my over zealous use of the blond spray these last few months. However, it hasn’t felt this soft, strong and full of movement in a long time (again, before the blond spray…)! And so did my wallet…

Shampoo: €3.09
Conditioner € 3,09
Mask € 3,79

LLS Garnier Mythical Olive 2

LLS Garnier Mythical Olive 3


  1. RavishingRoses says

    oooo these sound cool!! love your blog, would be fab if you could check my latest blog post out. xxx

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